Invisible Cure


What does the therapy look like?

UBI is the most common name used in most all of the medical studies. Names like: Photopheresis, Biophotonic therapy, UVB, Blood Irradiation Therapy, and Photoluminescence have been used. A small amount of blood is taken out of a patient and exposed to UV light and then returned to the patient. 

Only 60cc of blood is withdrawn into a syringe with a small amount of heparin. The primed line is hooked up to the butterfly needle.

This blood is added to 160-180cc of saline hanging on an IV pole.

Some add ozone into this mix.

A special cuvette (quartz glass UV transmission tube) with turbulator is inserted into the machine.

The drip rate is set to the correct speed

The mixture is allowed to flow back to the patient via gravity.  It flows past the special UV lights of the machine by way of the cuvette. It picks up the energy of the UV light and causes immune system improvement.

The total procedure should take less than 45 minutes.

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Here is a good 24 minute overview of UBI.