Invisible Cure

Matt's Tribute

Matt my son,

I have not written often.  It is late now as you are closer to heaven than to earth. There is a lot to like about earth – relationships, challenge, adventure, companionship, children. There is more to like about God’s kingdom and there is a lot more time there than here.

I want to tell others a bit of your life and how you were an influence for good.  There is not much more that a person could want than to be known a “good and faithful person”.

First born to young, naïve, inexperienced parents.  I remember wanting to protect you from the ills and evils of the world.  I did not even know what they were. I just knew that you were new and pure and fragile. Mom especially found so much joy from having you. So, chalk one up for just being a gift from God that brought joy.

Every two years or so for the next 20 years, another Lowe joined the family.  You were forced to be the leader of Ann and Tim.  You were the one to find something to do, to entertain, to encounter the world around you.  We lived in the northern Wisconsin valley house surrounded with nature and cold winters. You howled with our dog Jethro, you explored the fields, you joined in the simple pleasures of our country living.  No TV (by choice), cell phones and internet yet to be invented.

Your church life began there.  What a simple life we had. I was out selling each day and home at night, mom busy with you three. We started our growth in God. It set your course and displayed that God had his hand on you for good.

We and you became friends with the Harmons as we moved to Michigan in 1980. Fast forward to your early teens. You were a bit geeky. No perhaps a lot geeky in a techy kind of way. Mechanics was not your forte but when computers came you explored.  It was the new world. You read DOS manuals and soon were practicing flying with the simulator.

You were kind, inquisitive, obedient.  I think mom could fill in a lot of stories and impressions.  It was a busy family with church, work, friends. We lived a frugal life even though I ran the asbestos company and did well.

I remember you and Tim helping in the company.  Whatever there was, you were up for it. We adventured to Columbia and Uruguay for a month of mission help.  We could always depend on you to do good.  To help.  To guide the other kids.

You counselled at camp

You totaled my favorite Ford Grand Marquis (not your fault) – the first of a few accidents – that were your fault.) 😊

Then the fateful 16 yrs old with grand mal seizures.  I remember holding you – long lanky 16-year-old as your body trembled and shook.  Tears rolling down my cheeks.  What a disappointment for you – no flying, limited driving, pains of seizures. But you found the place that God had for you. You grew in your love for God.

You married and found a world of work in computers. Church, family and God were very important in your life. Children came quickly. Your tumor was found and removed as your first born was but months old.

I guess I want to fast forward. To 5 years ago. You endured the pain of a divorce.  By this time your numerous surgeries had taken some toll in your life.  You carried the guilt that it did not work out, that it was not what Christians should do…. But you persevered.

You had drunk deeply from theology.  You had read much and could discuss so many areas of Christian thought.  You admired the great Christian authors, you had read scores of biographies, you attended NTM bible school.  IN your later years you even finished your on-line degree at Moody Bible Institute. You loved God. You remained faithful.

Your book collection is a treasure trove of God, godly living and great Christians…. Most that you had read.  I think it safe to say also applied.  Some haltingly, some consistently, always as a part of your life.  You read D.A. Carson, C.S. Lewis, Poythress, Neuhaus, Piper, N T Wright, FF Bruce.  Hundreds of books are in your library and life.

  • Matt, you were a dedicated and faithful dad
  • You were a faithful and loving husband
  • You were always giving to others
  • You were focused on God and His kingdom
  • You were a faithful and encouraging friend to many
  • You were a great son, a friend, a co worker
  • Your kindness and gentle spirit were apparent to all
  • You were a great brother to 10 siblings
  • You encouraged Belle like an older brother
  • You teased Karis (Down’s syndrome sister) because of your love
  • You worked at keeping up with your kids in DC… not easy considering the obstacles
  • You drove around the country 8,000 miles with your 90-yr old Grandpa – a test of courage in itself
  • You accompanied your brother Jon to Japan and Korea – just to be there….to be a part of his life
  • You loved your mother

You took up a new challenge in these last days of a new wife and family. Short as it was, all who were there were blessed by you. You gave and received love from Amber at this critical time of your life. She is a blessing to you and us.

Thanks for being there for so many of us. I know that mom and I are eternally grateful for you being in our lives. We look forward to the time when we will be together and there will be no more tears.

Love Dad