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David I Minkoff MD
A board-certified pediatrician, he and his wife Sue cofounded LifeWorks Wellness Center in 1997. A 43-time IRONMAN finisher, Dr. Minkoff is passionate about fitness and continues to train on a regular basis. He is an in-demand speaker and author of Amazon’s best-selling book The Search for The Perfect Protein.

The Invisible Cure is written, not by some casual observer of the science of UBI therapy, or a ghost writer pretending to know, but by a man who has personally taught and tutored many thousands of medical doctors in the subject. For that reason, it is practical, scientific and easily understood. It will be an IV room reference for all who engage in this therapy. In my opinion, it is the best existing resource on the subject.

I first met Tom when he came to my office in Clearwater Fl, hoping to encourage me to use UBI. I was skeptical at the time and worried about the legality of the device. Some years before, I had purchased one of the original Knott UVBI machines and due to legal concerns, we had to stop using it. That was the late 90’s. It took a couple of years of him politely coming to my office, saying he was in Florida and just stopped by to say “Hi.” He would talk of the “win’s” that patients were having, and how there was some legal precedence for UBI. I finally pulled the trigger and started UBI therapies. Then successful patient after successful patient came out of our IV room after having UBI treatments. We needed more and more machines just to keep up with the patient demand. After only few years we had eleven of his machines going at once. That’s a lot of delivery!

So I am a believer in the technology of UBI because I know it works to cure more things – better and faster than any other medical treatment that I have ever used. All of our Lyme, cancer, chronic fatigue, M.S., and autoimmune disease patients receive it, and I get one every week because it improves immune health and athletic performance.

For those of you that do not know, Tom not only helped U.S. and international doctors to learn and practice UBI therapy, but also engaged many of them to go third world countries so the less fortunate could also get the benefits of UBI and other alternatives. Tom’s missions are exemplary because his vision to help knows no bounds. I am proud to call Tom my friend and I am honored to introduce his book to you. Tom is a visionary and would not let those who said it couldn’t be done deter him from his goal of bringing UBI to the world. In doing so he has gained the friendship of many, and brought help to many more, and earned the admiration and respect of his peers, including and most of all, me.

Thank you, Tom!

Richard J. Senior
Chairman of Morgan Services, Inc. and Life Trustee of the Northwestern Hospital Foundation. Designer of the website

Every year, infections that can’t be treated effectively by conventional therapies, kill about half a million people in the US (and that doesn’t include COVID-19). Millions more who get infected but don’t die suffer, sometimes horribly e.g., successive amputations to treat the “Superbug” MRSA. Ultraviolet blood therapy has been known since the 1920s as a highly effective cure that is completely safe. In Invisible Cure, Tom Lowe masterfully describes the therapy and its history. It should be required reading in every medical school and by every internist and infectious disease specialist. I’ve cured my ‘flu with it twice and had it done another four times to satisfy myself that it is completely safe.

Ken Dillon
Historian and Theoretical Scientist
Author of “Healing Photons”, “The Science and Art of Blood Irradiation Therapy”

Entrepreneur and researcher Tom Lowe tells, in an engaging way, the remarkable history of UBI. Then he uses his intimate familiarity with the devices, therapeutic modes, and key personalities to explain the science behind this formidable therapy as well as its many clinical applications. This book is packed with useful information about UBI. It is must reading for every UBI practitioner and recommended for anyone interested in the real history of medicine and science. I think it’s a swell book, and I congratulate you on it.

Dr. Corazon Noble Masbate
St Louis University of Sacred Heart Hospital, Baguio City, Philippines

Invisible Cure is timely in this time of uncertainty. My first case using UBI was a patient on his deathbed with intractable pulmonary TB. After 2 sessions, his breathing was better and on the 7th session he was walking. He is now fully recovered. With Invisible Cure, I have added to my UBI knowledge regarding its uses for other conditions. With this book, I am more convinced that UBI is not just an alternative but the best treatment of wide array of unyielding diseases.

Robert Dennis, PhD
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
NCSU-UNC Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering
Original PEMF researcher for the NASA project

I must admit, when any technology (including my own) comes to my attention for critical review, I begin with a skeptical bias. On a human level, I often begin with the thought “I hope this is true”, but after decades of very mixed progress from all quarters of the health and medical sector, I enter into any new consideration of a technology with the thought “OK, prove it to me.” By ‘proof’, I mean not only cold hard data, but also an abundance good sense, reason, logic, insight, and intellectual integrity. After all, bad people all too often twist real data, take it out of context, cherry-pick the bits they want, distort or ignore that which they do not want, and present a compelling case for, not surprisingly, something they are selling.

Therefore, I assess any new information not just on the merits of the data presented, but also on the merits of the source. In the case of UBI, I can say that, although I had only a passing familiarity with the technical subject, the first person to present it to me in a coherent and comprehensive way was Tom Lowe. I know Tom to be a person of the highest integrity, with the best of intentions for human health and well-being. This is clear by his actions and his personal conduct. My skepticism was therefore based upon my lack of knowledge in the area of phototherapy, not on the source. So, I read his new book with a skeptical eye, but receptive to Tom’s writings on the basis of his high level of personal integrity.

Upon first reading, I found the book on UBI to be quite informative and inspiring. I would now count this book as among the most important that I have ever read. It has inspired me to re-imagine my own research and post-stroke recovery strategy. Upon subsequent readings of Infections Cured, I collected the primary sources and references, assessed them scientifically, and I have come to the conclusion that Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation is indeed a technology whose time has come (again), and Tom’s book is an excellent introduction to this topic. I would consider it required reading for anyone in the health or medicine sector.

Dr. Michael Hamblin PhD
Formally with the Harvard Medical School, Wellman Center for Photomedicine and Massachusetts General Hospital, Editor-in-chief “Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, Laser Surgery”

Ultraviolet blood irradiation is called “The invisible cure” in this new book by Tom Lowe. It has also been called “The cure that time forgot”. Both titles raise the intriguing question of how a medical therapy that has cured so many people of so many different diseases over a period of as long as 90 years can still be almost completely unknown to the general public and the medical profession.

Tom Lowe attempts to answer this question in a highly readable and informative manner. The long history of UBI is covered in detail, along with the large number of successful clinical studies that were published…..

Bill Domb DMD
Founder of the International Association of Ozone in Healthcare,
Co-founder of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, AAOSH.

The author of Invisible Cure, Tom Lowe, has done a yeoman’s job of combing through voluminous articles on blood UV irradiation that have emerged over its long history. Reading through this, it would be hard for anyone to conclude that UV modalities would not be an important therapy to incorporate in their practice.

Marcus Freudenmann
Director of the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Academy and producer of the documentary “Cancer is curable Now”

To one of the great researchers and contributors in alternative healing, Tom Lowe.

Despite common belief there are only a few treatments in the alternative world which work consistently and for many different conditions. All of these treatments have one thing in common, they treat the underlying CAUSE of disease and not the disease itself.

One of the causes are bacterial, viral or fungal infections. When these infections are combined with co-morbidities, they become lethal.

To combat infections holistically, there are very few non toxic options. Ozone, hyperthermia, laser and UBI. While researching for the documentary we asked the most successful doctors all around the world which treatments they could and would not drop, all 4 were consistently named.

Unfortunately are all 4 therapies not taught to conventional doctors. They are simply ignored and/or suppressed.

Thanks to researchers like Tom Lowe who is passionate enough to care, you have now access to the most profound research and documentation on UBI.

Toms book “INVISIBLE CURE” is a “must read” for every physician who is interested in helping patients recover from chronic degenerative disease. Within a very short time of practice you too will join the ranks of doctors who swear by this therapy. The treatment is simple, fast and effective and the research Tom has gathered supports the evident results. Thank you Tom for this invaluable contribution.

Robert Jay Rowen, MD
The Father of Medical Freedom” – Trainer, Speaker, Original Author of “The Cure that Time Forgot”

Invisible Cure is a masterpiece on the development and history of ultraviolet blood irradiation from its earliest days in America, and to include pioneering recent research of the failed Vasogen company. I had hand collected what I thought was every available American article and bit of information on UBI, but Tom Lowe has put together an easy-to-read book that goes further.

Dr. Dan Pompa
Speaker and author of numerous books, podcasts and training videos. The Cellular Healing Diet book is known for its expertise in neurotoxic illness, nutrition, and weight loss programs. Hospital, Editor-in-chief “Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, Laser Surgery”

The UBI procedure has changed thousands of lives around the world and Invisible Cure is now the “go to” reference and authority. The world needs the information in this book. Doctors need to read this to have a complete education on UV light therapy. Invisible Cure tells of this advanced medical tool that encourages physicians and helps their patients. With the fear of infectious diseases and low immunity Invisible Cure could not be more timely.

Hal S. Blatman, MD, DAAPM, ABIHM
Founder and medical director of the Blatman Health and Wellness Center in Cincinnati. Past-President of the American Holistic Medical Association.

Nicely Done! – Invisible Cure provides a historical accounting of the history of UBI, a primer on biology and ultraviolet light, technical details about equipment, and a summary of positive health effects that can be derived from the treatment. The book is well written, well referenced, and a wonderful introduction for the medical care giver in all of us.

Jeff Wright, NMD, FAAO
Teacher, Researcher, Physician and Founder of the Utah Valley Health Clinic Provo, Utah

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) has been an integral part of my medical practice since 2012. My first impression of UBI was skeptical. Frankly, I was cautious, but I figured anything that could safely improve my patient’s health, I had a duty to consider. After some research and a lot of deliberation, I purchased my first machine and began adding it to current treatment plans. I quickly found clinical results to be so good, that I quickly purchased the second unit.

Almost without exception, my patients reported feeling better. Since adding UBI, my practice has safely administered more than 5,000 treatments with zero severe adverse effects. I consider UBI a crucial part of the success I’ve enjoyed as a physician and I never want to practice medicine without it.

In recent years, I have trained clinicians in the practical and clinical aspects of UBI. While UBI research was there, it was not easily available. Now, thanks to Tom Lowe, clinicians will have the chance to have his book, Invisible Cure.

Invisible Cure is a treasure trove of information about UBI history. It tells us the story behind UBI, so the reader can appreciate the context of its creation. This book reveals the personality and motives of the UBIs’ developers who imagined UBI after surviving the influenza pandemic. UBI was engineered before the discovery of antibiotics when pneumonia, smallpox, rheumatic fever and polio were feared by all. Invisible Cure tells of political and professional opponents to UBI that made sure it was all but unknown in modern medicine.

When I read books, I fully expect to examine evidence to form my own opinions. This book is informative and well researched. Invisible Cure sites and condenses all the research medical articles into a readable format supplying many references for research junkies’ nighttime reading. Now you can find all the necessary UBI information in one place. This work also examines currently available UBI equipment and discusses their strengths and weaknesses.

Invisible Cure digs deep into the science of UV light and discusses known mechanisms of actions. It acknowledges and debunks the opinions of what UBI is and is not. This book represents an abundance of clinical evidence.

As a clinician, I work with real people to get them back to health. As a practicing physician, positive patient outcomes without adverse effects is my most important benchmark. UBI provides these outcomes. Anyone who reads with an open mind will find an amazing technique to add to their doctor bag. Invisible Cure provides the research and evidence supporting what I routinely observed in my clinical practice.

I give Invisible Cure the highest recommend without reservation.